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Upholstery Courses in Suffolk

The upholstery courses which I run will teach you how to apply the webbing to a chair, fix in the springs and stuff and stitch the filling just as our Victorian forbears did. You can also learn how to prepare, measure and carry out deep buttoning, a skill which will give great satisfaction in the finished piece. 

 You will also learn how the use the tools of the trade including how to use a magnetic hammer, web strainer and regulator. You will learn how to apply braid or double piping and discover which needles do which jobs. Throughout the course I will be there to teach and to help you to produce work that you will be proud of. If you would like to learn how to carry out more modern upholstery I can take you through the steps of using foam and a staple gun to produce chairs with modern comforts.

These courses are suitable for a total beginner, or for people who have some skills that they wish to build on.

Our Upholstery Courses:

one day upholstery course

One Day Course:

A simple taster day introducing you to the tools and how to prepare and carry out a simple job like a single drop in dining chair seat or pin seat.

two day upholstery course

Two Day Course:

Ideal for beginners where you bring your own piece of furniture and receive full guided instruction to produce work to a high standard.

five day upholstery course

Five Day Course:

For the more advanced. On this course you will learn how to strip off a piece, repair the frame, spring and stuff and possible deep button it.

evening upholstery course

Evening Courses:

For those of you with limited time during the day. With only two hours per evening it is important to bring something small that can be worked on.

weekend upholstery course

Weekend Courses:

Designed to accommodate those whose weeks are already full. Like the two day course it is ideal for beginners, no experience necessary.

upholstery classes suffolk

Course Diary:

Please click below to see our full course schedule and to check the availability of each course. Our full 2018 diary is now online.

For more details please call: 01728 861100